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February 20th 2013

American Artist Russ LaChanse sign licensing agreement with Italian company

American designer Russ LaChanse has signed a deal with the Italian company Responsor srl for a line of stationary products. That will be sold throughout Italy.
Several character brands designed by Russ will be featured on the products. Malice + Sympathy, Derangered Species, and Hell-No! Kitty® all make an appearance on the stationary. The deal was brokered by Romana M. Caldarelli of C.L.A. Caldarelli Licensing Agency. “It was a fun challenge to create designs for Responsor’s unique product line.” said LaChanse,

Russ LaChanse is a Brooklyn based Brand Developer, Artist and Writer who has worked for over 15 years in the arts. His creativity, fun style and sense of humor make his characters and designs very appealing to a wide variety of people and his quick turn around and flexibility make him very easy to work with. Samples of his work can be seen at

C.L.A. Caldarelli Licensing Agency is based in Milan, Italy. It is specialized in brands, trademarks, label, fashion. entertainment properties and Art Licensing which are targeted at children, teens or adults. 

Responsor Srl is an high quality Italian company, known overall for “Memo-stick”, promotional notepads with adhesive removable sheets.

They are successfully sold in the Italian and European market thanks to constant innovation, creativity and a twenty-year experience.

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